Scientists and doctors like Dr. Bradley Nelson has found that the emotional ballast of unprocessed feelings that we accumulate more and more throughout our lives leads to numerous problems. These are tensions in the body, they can even suppress our life energy, zest for life and vitality. In addition there are hindering conditioning, which we have acquired in the course of our life, as well as deep-seated difficult family dispositions, whose paths seem to be preprogrammed.

Each of us knows unexplainable states of exhaustion that are not so easy to deal with. The more we deal with our negative habits, the more intensely these patterns dig into our thinking and feeling.

How can we now get out of this cycle? Only by trying new ways that lead us to more success in all areas, to health and harmony.

We need new impulses that permanently overwrite these preprogrammed procedures and perceptions. In order for these innovations to establish themselves in our brain in the form of stable neuronal connections, frequent repetition is necessary.

With my healing images, however, it is completely uncomplicated and joyful to program your brain for success and happiness in all areas of life and only by letting an image of your choice work for you.


The mode of action:

You put one of my pictures in a central place that you often look at.

The colors and shapes give your subconscious new impulses and remind your soul of its natural state of lightness and weightlessness.

The colors and shapes of the picture act like relaxing music and lead deep into your inner being, past the doubting mind.

Our soul is stimulated in a subtle way and without complex exercises, without prior spiritual knowledge, without having to keep time slots free in your weekly schedule, stressful emotions such as conditioning are harmonized and resolved. The sight of the picture in your immediate living environment reminds you of your own healthy original state day by day.

When you look at the pictures, associations arise that positively influence your mood. There may also be more dreams that gently lead you to new shores.

Fresh Wind

Dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm (3:4)

Year:  2019

Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas

Resolving the contradictions between lived and possible life potential, enabling a new choice regarding worldview and belief.

To live a self-determined life in which we are able to set limits by converting negative programming of our own and collective nature.

Relief from restrictive conditioning and behavioral patterns, replacement of negative emotional patterns with regard to (failures, prohibitions, taboos, money, sexuality and belief) that arose during pregnancy up to early adulthood, as well as dissolving shocks and trauma,

Removing blockages in the sense areas of seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling.

Reactivation of the five senses to refine perception

Energy gain and balanced energy distribution in the body by releasing unnecessary stress conditions that arise from spinning thoughts that are outside our area of responsibility.

Strengthening resilience and resistance to external influences

Dissolving poisoning

Regaining fascination and childlike curiosity.



Ancestral Strength

Dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm (3:4)

Year: 2019

Technique:  Mixed Media on Canvas

This picture is about strengthening your own acceptance and that of your family of origin. This increases awareness of injuries and other negative experiences. Entanglements and arrests can thus be understood and resolved and you will again enjoy the strength that your ancestors have ready for you.


You can gain clarity about preventive patterns in your family system, remove obstructive emotional patterns and release burdens on your ancestors for you and your descendants.


Accept your family tree and make its original power accessible to you.

Take your traditional place with ease.

Gain the support of your ancestors.

Bring harmony to your family of origin and your current family and partnership.


In the event of grief or loss, reconnection to the life stream.


Dimensions: 60 cm x 49,5 cm (5:6)

Year: 2019

Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas

Arrive in the depth of your soul. Be stable and powerfully anchored in your body to completely take your place in the body and your life.


Understand your incarnation. Unlocking your strength by accepting it and making peace with your being. Achieve conscious action and inner focus and thus become a conscious creator of your experience.



Preventing patterns were created by your ancestry, childhood trauma and negative collective influences. 

Bright home

Dimensions: 60 cm x 49,5 cm (5:6)

Year: 2019

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

This is about the clarification of your own home, an energetic cleaning of the rooms. This affects unacceptable energies from the immediate vicinity, or even diffuse energies, previously unknown, which affects the quality of living.



Unacceptable energies are allowed to go, the rooms are recharged and connected with the energies that are most optimal for the corresponding rooms and their use.

To be complete

Dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm (3:4)

Year: 2020

Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas

The path to our own unity leads through the purification of our energy system, the reactivation of our chakras, the reunification with our motherly and fatherly energies and all our bodies (physical body, light body, mental body, causal body, emotional body etc.) to the feeling of completeness.


In the course of our life, parts of the soul can split off. This can happen through different experiences, such as traumas and accidents. If the lived shock and the associated emotions are not released, it is even possible that this part of the soul will not come back to us all our lives. Through their preventive patterns, undetected sabotage programs can emerge that hinder us and hold us in constricting and recurring situations.


This picture helps to clean and reactivate your energy system so that you can take back the separated soul parts and consciousness splits. So that you can shape your life again in the full spectrum.


Dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm (3:4)

Year: 2019

Technique: Acrylic on Canvas

Restoring youthfulness, vitality and joie de vivre to old age

Activation of the own repair mechanism with the inner knowledge for a long, healthy and happy life


Relieve negative conditioning, emotions and fears that cause rapid aging.

Transformation of collective ideas about the aging process in relation to health in old age and death.


Restoring your DNA and mitochondrial DNA to its original state.

Full energization of your chakras so that your organs can optimally perform their work

Increasing your life energy (Chi).

Perceive and use the knowledge of both worlds (subtile and material) to establish an easier, more joyful and more creative turn in your life

Direct access to the quantum field in order to consciously activate your own creative powers.

Great Nature

Dimensions: 80 cm x 60 cm (3:4)

Year: 2019

Technique: Mixed Media on Canvas

Relief of tension and undersupply in the areas of energetics, skeletal system, organs and muscles. enable you and your life to lead back to the original freedom and self-determination, in which you can enjoy your life full of energy and creativity.


As is known in osteopathy, the bones in particular like to store unsolved problems. The individual eddies are related to different subject areas. So, among other things, obstructive beliefs regarding your worldview are made aware and enriched by you promoting considerations in the offer.

Replacing your self-sacrifice and humiliation and restoring your steadfastness and security in dealing with conflicts.

Down to the coccyx, all vertebrae and bones are reconnected with their original energy and task.


When the wisdom teeth are removed, the interrupted heart meridian is activated and tension in the jaw is released. The eye muscles and optic nerve are calmed and the structures in the nose, sinuses and forehead opened and much more ...