Feedback / Testimonials

Having Laila's painting Fresh Wind in my living and dining room has been a blessing. Each time I look up I feel happy, something in the balance and circular forms of her art I'm guessing. My life has been in turmoil but in that I have noticed a shift towards more discipline and enjoyment of daily tasks I always used to put off as chores. I've had more clarity and ability to align myself to my inner truth despite external forces. I feel more loving towards myself and able to face challenges in life. I was not expecting much difference in my house due to a piece of art but I have to admit it really works and speaks to Laila's talent in applying the mystery of energy and information to affect everything around us! 


I Hope that many people get to experience your healing art!


- Isabelle F. -

It is not easy to describe the many processes that have taken place in me since I hung the picture Arrival on my desk, because words can hardly describe inner worlds and their reflections on the outside .. But, there are deep changes in Live when miraculous, wonderful coincidences and tides come together. They feel like the eternally raging seas are becoming quieter and more peaceful. Where there is none and that shouldn't have happened anymore. Where you experience a deep certainty that everything is much easier and easier than you ever thought. The moment that makes Peng and you have an unprecedented perception of yourself and the world. Where everything is in the best possible way, regardless of how everything seems to be parallel on the outside. All time is yours and you recognize the pattern of your eternal longing. You suddenly know why you searched for something so relentlessly. Suddenly you see that everything is in the here and now and it has been there all the time. Only, you thought it had to happen through you, you suddenly discovered that it was only the unfolding of the miracle that you really were.

Suddenly you become a witness of the miracle in you ...


- Zion M. - 

We hung the key to youthfulness in our daughter's room and I just love these colors. It radiates a lot of harmony to me.


During this time our daughter decided to go to boarding school and she is so happy there. It was her wish and everything almost became independent. Her grades have improved tremendously, she only writes 1 and 2. Even in French and math. She comes home once or twice a month at the weekend. It was the best decision.


- Eva B. - 

Regarding my sister, who has in her room Force of Ascendancy, I tell you that she is in a healing process, with the family by my father. My sister is a very noble and good person who is always very fair with all her actions. 


Some time ago in one of his medicine rotations, she met a doctor who for some reason rejected the presence of my sister, curiously by this same date my sister began to develop an allergy called hives, which usually disappears after a few days However, my sister's became chronic and no doctor found a way to cure her allergy.


One day my sister attended a specialist who identifies where diseases come from the emotional environment of people. In this therapy they discovered that my sister when she was little saw her rejection that my mother suffered from my dad's family and she herself was charged with that energy, which happened again with the doctor and my sister without realizing she was experiencing the same feeling of rejection she felt in her childhood by this doctor.


This whole situation was a very important awareness process in my sister's life. The picture arrived just at that moment when my sister tried to find out what was missing and the picture triggered this process of understanding with her.  She is still in a continuous healing process. The truth is that we had never been able to identify where my sister's allergy came from and since she was very young she has always suffered from this.

I think my sister is on the right track, the allergy comes and goes, but the process continues and every day the emergence of her allergy is less frequent.


 -Linda G. - 

I have in my room the painting called  Arrival. Since I saw it I felt a very strong connection with this painting, for some reason in my personal search I knew that this painting would help find out answers that I sought long ago.

First, I accepted that I made the steps with my sexuality. For some time I had identified I feel attraction to both men and women, but I had never been open or detected my sexuality. This made me start to relate in a different way in my affective relationships, family, couple, friendships, as if somehow I had unlocked an internal fear and finally be taken the strength to trust me, defend my position, defend my posture accept and Respect the position of others, but still stay true to my feelings.


The first thing that happened to me was with a couple with whom I started dating, in this relationship I began to see many things that came from my education and the way my mother sees the world. To tell the truth, my relationship with my mother has always been particular, I have always felt a burden as a daughter for fulfilling my mother's expectations and making her happy, and when I realized that with my actions she made me upset, I blamed myself and I bothered with her even more, it was a vicious circle from which until now we are getting out.

In this last month I have been an internal battle to understand that I am not responsible for anything other than my happiness and the happiness of others depends nothing more on themselves. This is how I understood with my mother that I cannot stop living my life by making her happy, I can be sincere, love her, take care of her and, when I am happy, see her happy.


On the other hand, these months have also been months of many spiritual and transcendental questions, my curiosity to understand who I am, I have taken a beautiful trip to investigate my astral chart, the Mayan calendar and to tell the truth it has been a beautiful journey, where I have discovered many things that explain the person I am. This has been extremely important for me because I have been able to understand that I am not a strange person because I am not equal to my sister, friends, mom, has shown me great characteristics of my personality and I have been able to make peace with those things that I did not like from my.


Keep making the art so beautiful that you do because you really have immense power that many people should have the opportunity to know.


- Wendy G. -